ByLwansta Drops New Single ‘1 CONVO’ Off Of Upcoming Album

By @AtlehangMoloi on 04/19/2024 in Music

ByLwansta has dropped a new soul-stirring ballad titled ‘1 CONVO’. The song serves as a lead single off of his upcoming album ‘THE CHIP IS StALE’ slated for May 10th. 

In ‘1 CONVO’, the artist takes a deep-dive into the complexities of human relationships, offering listeners a poignant narrative of love, longing, and the power of vulnerability. 

ByLwansta paints a vivid picture of emotional turmoil, as the protagonist grapples with the ache of yearning for connection with an avoidant lover. Through haunting lyrics, ByLwansta captures the agony of feeling estranged from someone they hold dear, evoking a sense of raw vulnerability.

Adding depth to the narrative, Chipego's poignant verse articulates the struggle to communicate feelings amidst the tumultuous landscape of love. Their contribution enriches the song's emotional depth, offering listeners a multifaceted exploration of human emotion and connection. 

Behind the scenes, producer KaeB's masterful touch elevates '1 CONVO' to new heights. With melancholic yet soft chords, buzzing synth, and an emotive bassline, KaeB creates a seamless sonic backdrop that intensifies the emotional impact of the song, enveloping listeners in its atmospheric soundscape. 

Stream ‘1 CONVO’ below:




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