Just Jabba, Kgaldrogo, Chery Zondi, Seru The Ellipsis + More Collaborate On 'Wave' Album

By @MasechabaKganyapa on 02/12/2024 in Music
On February 9th, rising musicians came together to drop their highly anticipated collaboration album titled, 'Wave' spanning multiple genres with Wav Impact.
Spearheaded by a collective vision, this project brings together the talents of Just Jabba, Kgaldrogo, Chery Zondi, Seru The Ellipsis, and other acclaimed musicians, totalling 18 contributors in all.

This 7-tracked album showcases the fusion of different musical styles, from Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeat to experimental, each track on the album offers a unique perspective, reflecting the rich diversity of the artists involved.

"We are thrilled to finally unveil this collaborative masterpiece to the world," says Mclyne Beats of Wav Impact, one of the driving forces behind the project. "It's been an incredible journey bringing together such a talented and diverse group of artists. This album is a celebration of creativity, unity, and the power of music to transcend boundaries."

Featuring tracks that push the boundaries of conventional music, this album is poised to captivate audiences with its bold experimentation and infectious energy.

Stream 'Wave' below: 




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