Danielle Swagger Drops Visuals For Her Latest Single, ‘Wipe 'em Out’

By @MasechabaKganyapa on 11/21/2023 in Music Video

The Réunion Island based Motswana Hip-Hop/Rap artist, Danielle Swagger is ending the year on a high note with new visuals for 'Wipe 'em Out'.

Swagger has finally unveiled her latest creation, a new music video  for ‘Wipe ‘em Out’, following its official single released early June 2023, distributed by Electromode/Ingrooves South Africa and produced by Fabio Marouvin, mixed and mastered by StanRecords. 

‘Wipe ‘em Out’ is a song which carries a deep essence of the Hip-Hop culture and conveys a message of resilience in the face of adversity.

The music video is shot in Réunion Island by Colors Island Productions and organised by Christophe Durand. The visuals connect with the street, encapsulating the raw essence of urban life, the pulse of music, the profound love for art, and the unwavering attitude of a feminist. 

The urban street video clip stars Tony Deriemacker (Stunt Biker) from Team No Limit France,  Fabio Marouvin (Pianist), Mad max (Biker), Arnaud Agathe and Venom Mortaise (Dancers) with scenes shot at The Klé de sol music school, The usine in Pierrefond which is an ancient sugar factory of significance in Reunion Island, Mega Kart, The Church and The Brewery Station. 

“Shooting the scenes of the music video was quite fascinating especially the bike stunt scenes and the classic piano scene in a small room with the man who produced the song”, Swagger elaborates. 

As for future projects; the music video will be followed by a new single titled ‘Infinity’ produced by StanRecords, a Hip-Hop track mixed with electronic vibes. The song will be out before end of November 2023. 

Watch the official music video for 'Wipe 'em Out' here: 

Danielle Swagger - Wipe 'em Out | Official Music Video | Hip Hop



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