Una Rams Drops New EP ‘Hold Me When It’s Cold: The Cuddle Pack’

By @AtlehangMoloi on 11/20/2023 in Projects You Should Hear

Musical maestro Una Rams explores an array of emotions in his new EP, ‘hold me when it's cold: the cuddle pack’.

The 5-track oeuvre comprises contributions from Rowlene, Mikhale Jones, Tron Pyre, Sandile M and Ammo Moses.

Una Rams dropped two lead singles ahead of the project, ‘SOS’ and ‘bebe’.

Song Breakdown:

‘2AM’ is a sweet ballad that opens the journey. A bold declaration of warmth and connection, setting the tone for what's to come.

‘SOS’, short for 'Sex On Sunday,' is an electrifying dance of sensuality and emotion. Una Rams, along with Mikhalé Jones, crafts a sonic elixir that lingers long after the last note fades.

‘Body Party’ takes the energy up a notch, driven by the outer-worldly influence of Timbaland's sonic wizardry. Energetic and flirtatious, it feels like the crescendo of a party dedicated to love.

‘Bebe’, inspired by C-Tea's term of endearment for his wife, is a journey through R&B bliss. Its creation was a tumultuous ride, but like all great tales, it has a happy ending. Tondi Rams' enchanting piano melody and Una Rams' artistry brought it to life.

Possessed by an all-consuming beat, 'Pull Up' featuring Ammo Moses’ soulful vocals beckons us into a realm of fearless creativity, where Una Rams takes inspiration from his South African roots and infuses the spiritual chanting of his grandparents for a spellbinding sonic journey.

Stream ‘hold me when it's cold: the cuddle pack’ EP below:



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