GR8FUL Embarks On A Journey Of Self-Discovery In Debut EP, ’Nobody’

By @MasechabaKganyapa on 11/20/2023 in Projects You Should Hear

Rising Cape Town-based rapper GR8FUL independently released his debut 5-track EP, ‘Nobody’. 

The 5-track project is an exploration of one's self-actualisation and awareness. For GR8FUL, the idea of the body of work came at a time when he faced real-life challenges and it took introspection for him to want to make changes in his life.

“From that stemmed a burning desire to detach myself from my past experiences. I knew it would require me to detach from my desire to become somebody, to put wants secondary to needs. A responsibility which lies beyond being and becoming somebody but, in fact, the path to becoming Nobody,” the 21-year-old musician shared.

Recorded in his home studio in the last quarter of 2022, the project took about a couple of months to make and put together. It was produced entirely by Soulful Clay, who has worked with Paxton and Rowlene. 

In his own words, GR8FUL describes the process of making the album as him trying to refine his sound, challenging himself inside and outside the Hip-Hop genre. 

“The synergy between myself and Soulful Clay allowed me to explore and experiment with various musical possibilities. We challenged each other to go harder and this constant challenge resulted in me going beyond certain boundaries about my writing, melodies and concepts,” stated the SA rapper.

The lead single, 'Slippery,' is a playful tune that sees GR8FUL showcase his bravado and braggadocio in his ability. 

'Nobody' as a body of work is filled with potent songwriting and is coupled with lush productions. The songs provide a snapshot of where GR8FUL is in his journey and all the lessons he has learned along the way. “Each song carries its own uniqueness. Each song is a chapter contributing to one story,” he concludes.

Stream ‘Nobody’ by GR8FUL below:



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