Slikour’s Memoir Is About The Art Of Pivoting, Attentiveness To Energies And Knowing Your Purpose

By @AtlehangMoloi on 05/25/2023 in Article

Siya “Slikour” Metane officially launched his new memoir titled ‘Slikour: The Life Story Of A Hip-Hop Pioneer’ at Exclusive Books in Rosebank. The book is co-authored by music journalist, Helen Herimbi-Moremi and published by Penguin Random House South Africa.

The host of the evening was Slikour’s long-time friend and Skwatta Kamp groupmate, Lebogang “Shugasmakx” Mothibe who delved into topics such as Siya’s inspiration behind writing a book, Helen’s influence in the process, what people can learn from the memoir and more.

Shugasmakx opened the evening by asking him about the transition from “Slikour” to Siya Metane.

“What happened in my household made me who I am”, the Hip-Hop veteran proudly stated.

Slikour described the transition to be an ode to his family story. “The household I come from reminds me that when you get the chance, really make something of it.”

The idea behind writing a memoir came about when Helen explained to Siya the significance of Skwatta Kamp’s impact on South African Hip-Hop.

Helen came to me at an event where they were talking about Hip-Hop, and they didn’t mention us. She said, “you guys are getting erased from history you see?”

Helen convinced him to work on a book, which would come out four years later.

According to Slikour, the memoir highlights the challenges of pivoting, as a person who started out as a rapper, then went on to start a music publication, a distribution service and is now venturing into fintech.

“This was initially a book about energy,” he says. “The book is about those energies that we don’t see that we keep channelling into. Those energies are an opportunity for us to pivot. We all have these ideas outside of what we do. The idea of paying attention to those small energies because they can change your life. Stop waiting for results because you’re already alive, okay?”, he firmly stated.

Working on his memoir seemed to have made Slikour more assured of his legacy as a creator and creative entrepreneur.

“We were not as big as Cassper or AKA. SlikourOnLife doesn’t have the impact that MacG has. I can openly say that because I know my role in life. My role in life is to spark. Once you know your role is to spark, then you pray to spark harder. That’s what this book is about. It’s about knowing your role and… spark!”

In a closing statement about the memoir, Slikour expressed what he hopes readers can learn from the book.

“If you allow yourself to know who you are based on what your stomach needs, you’re gonna limit yourself. But if you listen to the energy, the pattern of yourself and things that are coming to your life, you’re gonna be whatever the world wants you to be. And once you become whatever the world wants you to be, you’re gonna find peace. “Unfortunately for many of us our circumstances make us move because of our stomachs and not because of what we really need to give to the world. And if we move based on that, that’s when we become power, that’s when we don’t need anything from the world because we are making our own power.”

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