@MashBeatz_ And @Saudi_rsa Unite To Release Their Joint Project Titled, 'SAWFSIDE'

By @OfentsePhukubye on 02/03/2023 in Projects You Should Hear

Mashbeatz unites with Saudi to release their latest collaborative effort titled, 'SAWFSIDE'. It has been over 3 years since we received a project from Saudi let alone any releases aside of the few features he did last year. Saudi took a well needed hiatus and now he is ready to tell his story in the most creative way possible as he meets with award winning music producer, Mashbeatz for their 7 Track project.

'SAWFSIDE' is a tape that touches into various elements of life from the struggles that one faces in the hood to one finding love in the streets. Each song speaks for itself as they all have a stand alone narrative to push from the first track, HELL OF A NIGHT to the last song, CROSS BREED. 

From HELL OF A NIGHT to SAWFSIDE DEMON, we embark on a journey of danger, hurt, betrayal and becoming a lost being in this world. We are then taken on an emotional rollercoaster from track 4, MONEY to the last track, CROSS BREED as Saudi pens out a love letter to his partner as well as his family with the aim for change. 

Each track will have you being clouded by mixed emotions as the storyteller details his experience in relationships as well as the power that money has on people especially in the hood as not many people experience life to that extent or let alone live long enough to tell their stories.

This is a must listen as you not only embark on a journey of various issues but also expands our thoughts of reality as a lot in the project is highly relatable and many are bound to be touched as well as motivated to pursue for their dreams as all can change overnight whether it be your dream job or dream partner, chase after it all.

You can stream 'SAWFSIDE' below:



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