@Sjava_atm's Fourth Studio Album ‘Isibuko’ Is About Self-Reflection

By @AtlehangMoloi on 01/27/2023 in Projects You Should Hear
‘Isibuko’, which translates to ‘mirror’, symbolises the theme of self-reflection and a reflection of society in Sjava’s fourth studio album which dropped today.
Last night, Sjava and the team from his record label, 1020 Cartel hosted a silent listening session for ‘Isibuko’ in which the artist broke down the songs from the album and gave credit to artists and producers who contributed. 

Sjava breaks down the inspiration behind the title of album ‘Isibuko’:

Sjava explained that he wanted to create something that allows the listener to reflect on their own lives and encourage them. A reminder that “you’re on the right track” as he thought to himself:

“I decided, let me make this album, an album for someone who will listen to it by themselves, and it speaks to them. The music you play when you’re alone is usually not what everybody plays so I wanted to create that”, he said. “The reason I called it ‘Isibuko’ is that most of the songs speak about you.”
The 18-track album features various artists from the likes of Emtee to Lolii Native, Shwi, Saudi and more. During the listening session, Sjava gave a detailed explanation behind some songs from the album.

Sjava on ‘Ithuna’ featuring Shwi:

Sjava emphasised the importance of getting back to “ama legend wethu" as they are the ones who inspired us to get to where we are as he explained the inspiration behind ‘Ithuna’. “This song speaks about someone who loves women,” he said. “When I created this song, I felt like I’ve spoken as a young individual, however, it needed the voice of an elderly person. Thereafter, I went to Bab’Shwi and explained it to him, after doing so he entered with the lyrics, ‘Akeniganwe, bafana. Ake nithathe, bafana. Maningaganiwe nizogcina niqobela abafana.’” 
Sjava on ‘Amavaka’: 
Sjava explains that ‘Amavaka’ is about the consequences of holding grudges and the importance of forgiveness, stating: “It’s important to be able to forgive somebody so that you can proceed with your life.”
Sjava on ‘My Life’ featuring Emtee and Lolli Native:
Sjava welcomed Emtee and Lolli Native to share the stage with him as he delved into the inspiration behind ‘My Life’. “My followers know how much Mandoza meant to me. I used to look up to him and still look up to Mandoza today. The whole song, ‘My Life’ was inspired by Mandoza’s vibe and aura”, he stated.
Sjava explained that the song is about people who watch others and desire their life. “Don’t wish for other people’s things because you don’t know what happens behind the scenes.”
“Emtee is on the first verse,” he said, “he’s talking about his life, he’s talking about everything that happened to him in his life. How it was on the come up, the things he wished for and the things he has been through.
“And we have Lolli talking about ‘Sitya isonka s’post’e i-picture ze-Pizza,’ which goes to show that there’s so much fake shit going on so don’t you dare compare yourself to someone or wish for someone else’s life.” 
Sjava on ‘Ungavumi’ featuring Saudi and Sampa The Great:
“The song talks about not succumbing to what you aren’t or what others want you to be”, said Sjava. 
Check out the recap of the ‘Isibuko’ listening session and stream the album below:



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