Q&A: @SoloNtsizwa Releases Stunning Visuals For ‘Shewe’

By @SeptemberEleven on 11/22/2022 in Music Video

Solo Ntsizwa KaMthimkhulu’s latest single, ‘Shewe’ feels connected to his last album, ‘See Plenty Dreams’ where he explored his spiritual inclination as it was recorded after his ukuthwasa ceremony which was around the same time he changed his name from just Solo to Solo Ntsizwa KaMthimkhulu. 

The song is produced by SA hip-hop legend Omen The Chef and features Sizwe Alakine. Both rappers speak directly to the elders in the other realm. Today, Solo shares the visuals to ‘Shewe’ which were directed by Rici Martins, with creative direction from ByLwansta while Sne Mbatha handled the choreography. 

Below, Solo Ntsizwa KaMthimkhulu discusses the creation of the ‘Shewe’, his evolution and his upcoming album. 

‘Shewe’ is a spiritually inclined track, which was the case with your last album. Tell us about this direction your music is taking. 

It is an organic evolution. It’s three years since the album, so I’m definitely not the same person. I’m still cementing the same theme in this song. It’s refining that. 

How would you say fans are receiving your new music? 

I find that the reception to this one is slightly different to what I’ve been used to in the past. Just by virtue of how the conversations and comments have been personal. By personal, I mean more DMs than I’ve ever received for any kind of record. I think It’s tapping into something that, in some instances, people are personally going through. It’s curiosity for others. If anything, I think it was internalised and then processed and then triggered something personal. 

It was very interesting to hear Sizwe Alakine rapping about abaphansi. Could you take us through the process of working on this song with him? 

It was us meeting at the time when this was somewhat of a priority in terms of not just subject matter, but life. Sizwe and I have a history of working together, I don’t think the process itself was any different this time. I just think our level of excitement in terms of getting this record to a certain place, that’s what I remember and hold onto in terms of this record. It’s not the last time we work together but I think this one will be a special one. 

The song is produced by Omen The Chef. How did you get to work with him? 

Omen and I, for the longest time, for many many years, we would meet somewhere and talk about how we need to work; the normal SA hip-hop story… But with this one I didn’t hear the production from him, Sizwe played it for me. And, it being a trap record in theory, my direction with it kind of gave it a different feel altogether. I only asked the question much later, “Whose record is this that we’ve been penning to?” And when Sizwe told me it was Omen, I immediately got on the phone with him like, ‘look, I’m definitely taking this record, I hope you haven’t given it to anybody.’ And the back and forth started from there. For me it was amazing to hear Omen, it’s documented, he’s legendary, there’s nothing more he even has to do to add to his story... Then, he sent me more music, and to me, it’s amazing when a producer from that generation keeps up and keeps refining. Nothing sounds dated in terms of the material he sent me and that speaks to the artist himself, still working to evolve, which is commendable. 

When can fans expect a project from you? And what can you tell us about it? 

I can tell you that the project will definitely be 2023. But I’m pretty much done with it. Obviously, it still takes a while to refine. It has a title, I just won’t give it to you. It’s a beautiful, personal project. It may be the longest I’ve worked on a project for a while. I think my debut was the last time I spent this much time on an album. 

Watch the music video for ‘Shewe’ by Solo Ntsizwa KaMthimkhulu featuring Sizwe Alakine below:

Solo Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu - Shewe ft. Sizwe Alakine



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