@sphemusic Releases Her Debut Album ‘Beautiful’

By @AtlehangMoloi on 11/11/2022 in Projects You Should Hear

Last night marks the official debut launch of Afro-Soul singer-songwriter, SPHEMusic’s album titled ‘Beautiful’. The gifted songstress brought to us one remarkable first-hand experience as she delivered stellar performances to some of the amazing tracks on her new body of work which include ‘Queen’, ‘Complicated’, ‘Khuluma’ and ‘Beautiful’.

The talented songstress gave listeners an in-depth explanation of the inspiration behind the name of her new project, ‘Beautiful’, as she touches on woman upliftment, the book of Acts, and what ‘Beautiful’ means to her and her fans subjectively, as well as how the sentiment of the word resonates. Furthermore, the musician vocalises in her electrifying single, ‘Beautiful’, that the word is not about how you look, it is rather “your heart of gold and stardust soul that makes you beautiful”.

‘Thembalethu’ is a dedication to her beloved, late sister as the well-textured song, grounded in feel-good soul is named after her.

My personal favourite is ‘Complicated’ which houses as the second track on the album. I heard this song playing as soon as I walked into the venue, and I had no doubt in my mind that this was about to be one stunning body of work! Many listeners that I interacted with agreed that the album sequencing for ‘Beautiful’ was well placed as each song flows perfectly into the next, making the overall album a very pleasant listen. The Neo-Soul, R&B record ‘Complicated' really evokes emotions as it tugs at my heartstrings with its eerie, spacious, and gentle sound.

SPHEMusic closes off the evening by expressing that ‘Beautiful’ is a project that is written from her heart. She is delivering this music offering because she doesn’t want to go back to these feelings but rather grow from them.

I am honoured to experience this heart-warming and dance-filled album launch by the endowed vocalist, SPHEMusic. I look forward to witnessing the elevation of SPHEMusic's artistry as she takes it to the next level with a “Beautiful” debut project. Big ups to her for the spectacular, unforgettable experience!

Stream ‘Beautiful’ by SPHEMusic below:



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