@KKeed_ Drops Much Anticipated Music Video For ‘Vitamins’

By @AtlehangMoloi on 11/09/2022 in Music Video

The wait is officially over as K. Keed finally releases the highly anticipated music video to her latest banging single tagged ‘Vitamins’.

The rapper, along with her team successfully executed a mind-bending music video to the hit release, with a vastly relatable concept that is well-executed with dope, clean visuals.

K. Keed encourages viewers who are stuck in a job that they hate to “leave before your boss axes you down”. She depicts a detrimental working environment where her boss disregards her right to having lunch and forces her to overwork, as he constantly follows her around, giving out orders in an assertive, ‘bullying’ manner. Her boss is completely ignorant towards how she feels as he imposes the hard labour unto the worker, despite her valid complaints, refusing to hear voice of reason. The worker (K. Keed) resorts to quitting the job eventually as she is fed up with the mistreatment and exploitation in the toxic working environment along with an inconsiderate ‘leader’.

This music video evoked the emotions I believe it intended to, and I feel it was this way more so for individuals who have or are currently experiencing what it feels like to work in a toxic environment. What K. Keed achieves by delivering and acting out this concept so impeccably is grabbing attention for such a relatable story for many individuals. This video keeps viewers anticipating for the next scene, wondering whether there will be a plot twist and keeping them in suspense. Additionally, because it’s a real-life concept for many, it comes across as a ‘comforting’ video as soon as you realize that you’re not alone. As unfortunate as it is, many people understand.

I loved the division of the three different acts, as well as the captioning as the story progresses. How the opening line matches the visuals to the final shot of the video. A stellar performance indeed by K. Keed in this exceptionally executed body of work.

What an enjoyable, worthwhile watch. What a stimulating storyline and interesting build up and plot twist. K. Keed’s acting skills and the overall delivery of the visuals to ‘Vitamins’?... WHAT A MASTERPIECE!

Check out the official music video to ‘Vitamins’ by K. Keed below:

K.KEED - VITAMINS (Official music video)



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