@ReasonHD Gears For Summertime With A Single For The Streets, “Mang Ka Pa Mang”

By @AtlehangMoloi on 10/14/2022 in Music

Sizwe Alakine prepares for take-off, in continuance from where he left off, giving his fans yet another ditty for the streets after the release of ‘AmaVampire’. 

To the novice Amapiano listener, Sizwe Alakine’s new single ‘Mang Ka Pa Mang’ is an illustration of repetitive lyrics, at first glance. Beyond the second and third listens, however, one is compelled to unpack the track and reassemble ideas to create meaning anew. Sizwe accompanies the release with visuals shot by legendary music video director, Monde Dube.

The video is shot in Mamelodi where he pays tribute to the origin of sounds created 'eKasi'. We see a lot of cutaway shots tributed to the everyday person on the road and the true meaning of Bacadi.

The track is a highlight, focus, and the questioning of a woman’s dating decisions that consequently position her as the talk of the town. Known to the ‘neighborhood’ as one who dates just about anybody, her market value ‘depreciates’ a sentiment iterated in Sizwe Alakine’s clever soccer reference in the lines “I call her Ronaldo ‘cause now she’s a 7 that used to be 9”.

The second interpretation exhibits Alakine’s bravado, egoic and masculine energy, framing himself as an ideal partner. The track portrays the artist's proposition of his best qualities to charm the woman of his dreams – of that moment. The opening line, “Nna ke shapa pina madame”, loosely translated infers, that he is a rock star. Here Alakine situates himself as a man with stature and high value in his community. The idea is further supported by Alakine stating “Tsamo butsa mang kapa mang”, an invitation to check that his statement is true, to which anyone can attest.

The sonic environment lay in ‘Mang Ka Pa Mang’ is a meticulously layered beat that gradually erects. The initial synth brass section leads the single to a cyclical vamp that is accompanied by a chill and laid-back kwaito-influenced chord progression by producer and DJ duo, Mellow and Sleazy. The chords played by Mellow and Sleazy are typical to their style of performance, offering the listener sensual ear candy through lush piano chord deliveries that are light and airy; a different fashioning of the Amapiano genre. As the single progresses, however, the beat begins to form a steady and upbeat dance thump that South African dance enthusiasts can sink their teeth into, with the locking drum not too far behind “Mang Ka Pa Mang” is undoubtedly a single worthy of features on Alakine fans’ personal playlists.

You can stream the single and music video below:

Sizwe Alakine ft Mellow & Sleazy - Mang Kapa Mang [Official Music video]




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