@ShaShaOfficial_ Expresses The State Of Life In New Album '#imalive'

By @OfentsePhukubye on 09/23/2022 in Projects You Should Hear

Award Winning Singer and Songwriter Sha Sha is back to topping the charts with her new album, "I'm Alive" as she infusions a variety of sounds and genres into the new project. This is seen in the Sampling approach she has taken from the likes of 'Sade' and many more talented artists from around the globe. The project features a total of 13 tracks of which she features the likes of 'Blxckie', 'DJ Maphorisa', Kabza De Small' and many more.

Now initially I wanted to start my morning with her new album but then due to load shedding I couldn't and I wish could have been able to as the project enables positivity and joy into the day and whatever that may incur won't necessarily affect you that much as you would have given yourself the time to endure into what I call 'Musical Therapy' through the album.

All fans of Sha Sha know that it has been over two years since she released her debut project, 'Blossom' of which went on to getting her awards and other astonishing achievements. She then went on a hiatus to fully focus on herself so she could discover she really is and endure on this path called life on a more personal level and this is expressed throughout the album as she touches on situations she has experienced from 'Heart break' to 'Love' to her 'Religious' belief. Now this album is more than personal as she gave it her all and you get to hear that through the more developed 'Amapiano' sound she has layered for herself.

I honestly do love this for her as she continues to grow and evolve as an artist and as a human being. This album has indeed opened bigger doors than we can imagine as her vision is bigger and she knows it wholeheartedly. I can't wait to see what follows after this drop and wish her all the best with this journey as she continues to find peace and happiness in everything she does.

You can stream the album below:



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