@ShabZiMadallion Features In Award-Winning Short Film; 'ASSIMILATE' by @wearesolidbass

By @itsmanjobruh on 08/24/2021 in News

Well-known South African Hip Hop Artist, ShabZi Madallion, features in compelling, provocative, and award-winning short film entitled ASSIMILATE by Brionne Olsen; South Africa has a history of segregational identity where groups and individuals have been either forced to assimilate into a societal group or dismissed entirely.

'ASSIMILATE' is the embodiment of what it means for groups or individuals to be disregarded by Mainstream Society at large. What is deemed acceptable by the conservative movement as traditional family values of role purity and portrayed as the only way society should live? 'ASSIMILATE in simple terms places the disadvantaged alongside the advantaged as they are stripped of their identity and replaced with a new, acceptable, westernized image.'

The short story makes use of simplicity to a much broader complex discussion and to get the message across. The story has a broader representation of communities being marginalized from LGBTQ+ communities to race and economic suppression.

A film worthy of watching for the purpose to bring a healthy conversation around identity. The film, since its release and submissions into several international film festivals, has won notable awards;

- BEST SOUND DESIGN Onyko Film Festival

- SPECIAL MENTION One-Reeler Film Festival

- BEST MOBILE FILM Toronto Independent Film Festival (it's most recent win)

The film is also set to take part in the following international film festivals in the coming months;

- Short Shot Festival

- Austin International Art Festival

- Big D Mobile Phone Festival

- SF3 SmartFone Flick Festival

- Sicily Art Cinema Festival


Created, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Brionne Olsen

Starring and Script Written by ShabZi Madallion (Leshabe Rampedi)

Co-Starring Marli Van Eeden

Assimilate (Short Film) Link:




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