Featuring @MagleraDoeBoy Is A Cheat Code

By @Lesiba on 08/16/2021 in Article

Maglera Doe Boy has had a crazy feature run in the last year or so and I feel like everyone should take note. Having 'ft Maglera Doe Boy' in the title is a SA Hip Hop hack at this point. 

Have Nots

Maglera Doe Boy's Verse:

"All my life a younging been a have not
Magazana, young bloods
All we ever wanted was to have knots
Used to bump Morafe at the trap spot
Now Morafe pull up and I
(Still move and manoeuvre like I'm at the trap spot)
Me and Gizm flip it like a laptop
Khuli taught me how to never ever let them treat me like a mascot
How I met Towdee that's the best part
At my worst bet, know he gave me the best start
Oh my God think that I am a demi-God
Hella fly need me a s'fofane
Dliki dliki dliki dliki
Need a helipad for us when we touch down
Jiki jiki you a fan but you never was
When the kid was underground

Itsy bity lil' Doe boy
Raindrops never brought me down
Talking about arhythmic rhythmic patterns
Supersonic sonics nigga that's the sound
Stay platonic with the ladies in my circle
Lately, hold them down
Keep the tonic pass me chronic
I prefer the clean juice over dirty brown
Came up from the mud nigga
Gotta love how the dirty sound"

018's Finest

Maglera Doe Boy's Verse:

"Fetsa ho tsena ka potchugal
Ke tsena Maglera, ntwana Maglera so they call me Maglera
I was up in the dunes with goons ke jikijetse kamandelwa
Bana sa tlale, nou ka ba tshela
Taliana, kgona ho hlaha ke jele Carvela, Madamuzele, hit up my celle
I aint skhothane bamba ngwanyana ka di ultramel
Im a god, halalela, oh my god, etsa fela, ska ba tlogela, ntja ba ska hema, mataka ema
DoeBoy he Tony Montana, shova like he in Havana, guluva pardon of my manners, I maneuver with the jammers, I'm in the field of better
My little brody a scammer, my other homie a shaman
Son of the soil, I'm killing them all but come get your mans
Kea ba tshela!!"

Shadow League

Maglera Doe Boy's Verse:

"I been locked down in Maglera just me and the crew
I been Picasso ko kasi the trenches
I make them the Louvre

My cousin sneakers is bloody and that ain't the Loubes
We just dropped champion music
My nigga's don't wanna lose

My cousin sell so much water he need him a pool
I came up moving them eight balls
But I still cannot play no pool

Where I'm from ouens is cruel
Darkness it make me a ghoul
Stoepu sa chesa mara is the middle of June"

We Outside

Lyrics aren't available

Fort Hare

Maglera Doe Boy's verse:

"Kick it with the cousin big Chief, it's been a minute
Kasi algorithm, in the trenches for my skelems
Writing scriptures Abel vs Cane, Bruce vs Bane, Joker vs Deathstroke as Dracula, I'm a villain
Why bo-mrapper talking like they trappers or they dealers?
Thrilla in Manila, Ali, Hook Killer
Makazana, upper echelon [?] for a new manyana
I done seen [?] so it's fitting
Then I get the Uber, fill it ka dimpintji tsaka
I don't play with kroon, ask my exes, nna ha ke stingy, chana
Told the hommie "If it's indoor, bofa bietjie nyana"
Kasi [?] too much [?] will make me tsitsipane
I ain't from the North, nah, I'm lanzana, Marikana
Big bars [?]
Think I've been a nuisance seen I slid out of mama vagina
Suited for the trenches, the street just like Shekinah"

Rap Relay

Maglera Doe Boy's verse:

Fetsa ho fofa out of Makazana
Majita ba bolayana ba di yana like Stone Cold or Brock Lesnar
Memoirs of the ntariana
The mpahla Italiana
Talking numbers with my cousin Sol Kerzner
Demigod, this new Mecca
I'm through heckling
If broes hiding from the hiding then we going Mister Hyde no Jekyll
My tooth metal
My hue's Nubian
Just left the dunes, my platoon ba bitsa maak en doen
Tutankhamun out the tomb
Black Ras Agul
Gqokile lezaza like Khuli
Look to the moon when I'm ghoulish
Two number foolish
Remimnton Gold echta Fuuu
Rap niggas fufu like food
Fufu fugazi
Rats just like Gundi no Mazwi
Maza last week in a Mazzi
Talkin' the Rati
Espi I need me a Rari
Two ntsingiling ende e starchi
Grasshopper khakhi
Indoor smoking indoor patche
Vigile hop bakakati
No bathakathi
Tell 'em ha ena khakhati"

Byor Bo Dese

Maglera Doe Boy's Verse:

"E fetsa go clocka mataka
Ntataka ska makala o mpona keo feta ka plastic ya Spitz
Jele Carvela four stepe ya suede mo boxong
Ke fakile bathu ya lathlisa
Hao tswa ko kasi you buy it you wear it
Wa cava majita ha ba batla bae tsipa
Bana bana ba stibiti
Came here alone, maar'a haka gidla kele zwita
Skeleme sa kasi hake tsubile patje
Banyana ba town bang rekela pizza
Out the Pizzeria, Archie le Texco
I'm rocking that slice, re rekisa Pizza
I feel like I'm Pablo, I'm smoking Cubana
Que Pasa Hermano I just got a key
OG pulled up where we stash it and told us to stash it
He just gave my achuzi the piece
If you ain't with us it mean you against what we stand for
And for that you gone die on your knees
Young nigga slum nigga shout out my slum niggas
But I got dogs in the East"




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