Could @Sliqe Be Working On Injayam Vol. 2 With @TweezyZA ?

By @Spokenpriestess on 10/05/2017 in News

The answer to that might just be yes. Might being the operative word. You know how our faves like giving us clues that hang our souls in suspense for the big reveal. DJ Sliqe is one such man. He moves in extreme silence, which is actually a brilliant game plan if you are of the adage that you need to let your work do the talking.

In a rare cheeky, and coded, caption he asks Tweezy about a "Volume 2." I don't know how many times I strolled past this post trying not to perform calculus on a simple addition sum and that's when it hit me - kana the first installment had a "volume" in its title. HABASHWE! Tweezy is a busy man I tell you. He too is moving in silence since going a bit AWOL on social media to work on his renewed artist brand and upcoming project Tweezy The Producer Is Dead. However, in recent developments we have learned of his, Makwa and Zingah's collective effort titled Seeds which is soon to drop. Ngapha he might be working with DJ Sliqe on the sequel to his debut album. KE DEZEMBA BOSS, we're not sleeping now. 




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