@LunaFlorentino_ - Florentino Mariachi Mixtape

By @Spokenpriestess on 09/04/2017 in Stream & Download

Luna Florentino is ready to share his thoughts on a full body of work and so we have arrived at Florentino Mariachi the movement. The technical category for this piece is a "mixtape" but in reality it is an entire movement. A movement of aspiration, real life reflections and persistence. Those are the recurring themes in Luna's mixtape. That and the consistent sound quality which I am much pleased about. 

Can I just say shout out to the kid for the student life reference in Top Floor 'cause how many of us can relate to that phase in our lives? Yeyi! The opening track is a familiar one which he performed in a different version on a Spotlight some time ago. I must admit that this mixtape has my ears perked up more than I expected it to (no offense). I say this because lately you can never predict to be blown away by a lot of the "new" work that's coming out but Luna has my attention with his clean flows; high yet containable confidence, and just how inviting it is listening to him. Manu Worldstar also sounds very refreshing on Team, I had to double check who the dude who just came on was. Guys, how old is Luna Florentino? He's outchea talking about macking on MXit and stuff. Hilarious!

Shout out to Urban Lunatic for his strong presence on production. In retrospect, he is the reason the tape is so locked in sonically. I'm in love with the musical approach the fellas took on this project keeping it very grown and extremely collected. None of that "I'm turning up and trapping like there's no tomorrow" kinda music, which is what draws me closer to Florentino 'cause I actually want to hear what he is saying. You get to hear all sides of him from the opening which is self announcing, to the centre of the tape which starts from Watch How I Lace and kinda slows down at Time which lets you into a softer side of him where he addresses a lot of matters of the heart. From So Much Better you hear him start to "glo-up" sounding much happier as he focuses on his hustle and essentially Doing The Most. This boy is a gem actually. I can't get over how no matter how excited he gets in as far as Over Here he never drowns in his own hype. According to me, this mixtape is so mature due to the choice of expressing himself with such classy subtlety. The mood on Florentino Mariachi is consistent right through to Skipping Class. My favourite track? I think I like Spoilt, it speaks to me man. Baby boy is a star in the making! Look out for hilm. 



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