Elise Burrows

Elise Burrows

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Soon after mom left I was given all the responsibilities to run the house. I used to spend most of my time with mom so i picked up on taking care of chores, i learned to shop, do our mani, pedi and facials, cook meals, wash and dry clothes. This helped in fitting into my new role easily but life was tough. Guys in the house never worked we barely managed on subsidised food. My transformation started after i gave my first handjob to my younger uncle when i walked in on him masturbating. I wanted help with opening a jar and went looking for him in his room, i was shocked to see him sitting obscenely exposing his dick and balls. "What da fuck uncle, I was looking for you to help open this jar and you are here jacking off." "Do you like it?" He asked looking at me. My eyes were on his hand slowly going up and down. He brought his hand up and stopped, which made me look at me and i liked the way he was looking at me.

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