Paradice Canido

Paradice Canido

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Ludwe Ngoza better known by his stage name Paradise Canido is a South African graphic designer, rapper, Illustrator and songwriter. I was born and raised in Qumbu, Eastern Cape. He became active in the arts world around 2007 and since then he have been adjusting his career in the arts. 2009 he started writing poems and was a POET till he joined rap game Ispaza rap, Xhosa rap which is based in Cape Town. Later 2012 he became a member of STZ CREW ( Zuess, Ljay YD and Paradise) crew did not last long and in 2014 him and formed a duo Spaza duo Rap Emporium. His latest song is called "Gold Star ", the song was dedicated to his late mother who passed away 15 years ago, it is a good narrative It gives us an keep going note. Paradise is also working on a Mixtvpe titled HOPE IS MY DREAM that will be released soon.

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